One Simple Way to Read Self-Help and Biz Books on Your Growing List


I used to love reading self-help and business books. Snuggling up on the couch on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I’d take in the wisdom and inspiration from the pages like I was drinking from a fire hose. Ahhh…

Was that a dream? Or just another lifetime?

Because now, I have a HUGE list of books that I want to read but have not read because…life.

The War of Art
The Tipping Point
7 Spiritual Laws of Success
Make It Stick

The list goes on. I’ve checked these books out of libraries. Been lent these books. Bought some of the books.

This has been going on for years.

So, let’s get real. It’s not happening.

Yesterday, GetFlashNotes came across my radar. “Think CliffNotes for professionals,” they say. Only this time it doesn’t feel like cheating. Well, maybe a little. But that’s just the Catholic guilt.

GetFlashNotes summarizes core concepts of self-help and business books and then presents it two ways: written and audio formats.

The cost is $1 for an initial 7-day trial, then $29/month after that.

My trial started today, and I fully intend on maxing out that time. How many summaries do you think you can consume in seven days? I’m going for 50. Okay, maybe seven. Or somewhere in between. How about you?

Check it out: